Ruben Brown speaks about Lovie Smith

The Ruben Brown Foundation delivered a large donation of items on the wish list at the Ronald McDonald House, Thursday night. Before the event, Brown explained what he thought about Lovie Smith coming to Buffalo.

Lovie Smith is the latest named linked to the Bills, with reports that Smith will be the fifth person to interview for the team’s vacant Head Coach position.

Former Buffalo Bill Ruben Brown said, “Awesome guy, a very spiritual man, a very fair man.”

Brown continued, “Buffalo and Chicago are cousins, if not brothers, it’s the same town, in three days we all have the same weather, the wind blows more in Chicago and Buffalo gets more snow, but they’re the same, it would be a very easy transition.”

Brown listed some of the coaches he would like to see in Buffalo, Marv Levy and Wade Phillips are two of the unlikely candidates.

Brown played for Lovie Smith after he left Buffalo in 2004.

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